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Financial and Business Information Technologies
Financial Markets Technical Analysis2023-05-03T19:27:38+02:00

Financial Markets Technical Analysis

Specialized Services

The Financial Markets Technical Analysis service has the scope of providing accurate and in advance critical intel about the global financial sentiment.

By the use of the Financial Markets Technical Analysis service, Investors and Companies have the ability to learn in advance what is coming up next in global finance and proceed with the correct decisions prior to Risk-off Cycles (Financial Crisis) or Risk-on Cycles (Financial Growth).

Key bullets

  • Information about world economic and financial markets cycles – Bear Markets and Bull Markets
  • Analysis on multiple assets including Crypto currencies, Foreign Exchange, Bonds, Indices, Stocks, Commodities and Energy

  • Educational seminars on financial markets technical analysis via the use of multiple trend analysis tools such as demand and supply zones, resistances and support levels, Fibonacci retracements, expansions and channels, Elliott Wave counting, Harmonic patterns and more

  • Levels to buy and levels to sell assets via exposure adjustment and define risk to reward ratios

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies


Discover Bitcoin plus 350 Cryptocurrencies with the safety of

and the service of the Financial Markets Consulting

Trading Platforms

In depth

Complete consulting in Global Financial Markets and Cryptocurrencies including long term chart technical analysis


Technical analysis of global financial markets in the areas of Currency Exchange Rates / FOREX, Stock Indices / Indices, Stocks, Energy-Metals / Commodities, Bonds, and Cryptocurrencies.

Long term

Long-term Forecasting of global Financial Markets using Multidimensional Technical Analysis of charts, with the aim of buying and selling financial products at pre-selected entry and exit target/stop levels.

Global Economic
Conditions Forecasting

Forecasting of global economic conditions with the aim of timely adjustment of investments and business activities during periods of financial crises and economic contraction, and correspondingly during periods of financial recovery and economic growth.

Advanced Forecasting

Multidimensional study of charts through multiple tools of technical analysis, including correlations of financial products in the broader financial market, mathematical tools of price and trend analysis, waves, harmonic patterns, time cycles, and more.


Comprehensive consulting guidance in the broader Market sector and specifically in the area of online trading platforms for buying and selling financial products, as well as for the purchase, use, and sale of Cryptocurrencies.


One-to-one educational seminars on forecasting methodologies and analysis tools, as well as the functioning of global financial markets.




Trusted and secure crypto exchange to buy Cryptocurrenices with the support of the Financial Markets Consulting and Technical Analysis

Financial Markets Technical Analysis

The Financial Markets Technical Analysis service examines prices and levels and creates long term forecasts for the majority of the financial markets including various types of trading assets among most known financial markets such as Crypto currencies, Foreign Exchange, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Metals and Bonds.

and scalability

  • Depending on the specific needs and requirements, it is possible to choose either a single service or multiple services.

  • The pricing policy is scalable and dependent on the framework of the cooperation.

Cost of

Specialized Financial Market Advisory Services based on years of training and expertise 


Price 800€ / month

The Market Education service provides learning of technical analysis and technical knowledge with the aim of successful prediction of global markets and the appropriate/correct way of buying and selling financial products.


Price 600€ / 12 months

The service of Forecasting Global Economic Conditions is aimed at investors and businesses, providing information and forecasting for the next 6 to 12 months on the global economic and financial climate. Its goal is to timely adjust investments and business activities during periods of financial crises and economic contraction, as well as during periods of financial recovery and economic growth.


Price 100€ / hour

The service of Market Consulting provides telephone or online conversation aimed at providing specialized technical knowledge on the global financial market.


Price 80€ / month

The Technical Analysis service provides long-term chart studies on indices, stocks, currency exchange rates, metals, energy, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.


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