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Many services
-one expert

A variety of reliable, consistent and professional..

Financial and Business Information Technologies for single customers and companies, all under just one single expert eliminating the need for multiple calls to multiple ends.

Unless a complex, large-scale project, just a single call is enough to get the job done!

The level of expertise for every service provided fulfills up to 95% of the requirements and operations. For the remaining 5% the help of additionally specialized experts is available.

Adaptability and scalability

  • Single or multiple services option

  • Multiple cost per hour or per month schemas


Freelance or Contract

Reliable and consistent professional Financial and Business Information Technologies services, Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C), Onsite and Remote, freelance or contract, 24/7.


Project management, analysis, design, deployment, go live and support in Enterprise Resource Planning platforms projects.

& Internet

Front-end web development, content development, CEO and webmaster services for WordPress websites.

IT Expert

Analysis and compilation of Expert Reports for disputes related to Technology.

Financial Markets
Technical Analysis

Long term price direction forecasting for the majority of the financial markets.

IT Technical

Software and Hardware support for single customers and companies.

-multiple sectors

Since 2006, non-stop experience development via participation in complex and large scale projects, across multiple information technologies sectors.

That experience consists of start-to-finish Enterprise Resource Planning implementations, development of complex Websites and platforms, conduct of end user and administrators education seminars and first to last level support.

Running a Project?

  • Availability for long term cooperation via contract

  • Scalable hourly rates depending project complexity



Experience in executing proper setup methodologies supporting software and platform operation integrity and secure, easy and cost effective update roll-outs.

  • Experience derived via multiple Enterprise Resource Planning implementations within Greece and the European Union.

  • Multiple certifications and knowledge seminars for platforms implementation and operation.


Advance WordPress front-end and content development, CEO optimized plus WordPress back-end platform and domain administration via cPanel.

  • Designing and create unique websites via Avada and Elementor theme engines.

  • Feel safe with complete WordPress administration, troubleshooting and end-user support 24/7.

Financial markets Technical Analysis

The Technical Analysis is the practice of predicting the financial markets phycology via the study of price volatility, volume and high probability levels of price reversals.

  • Explore potential long term opportunities to purchase financial assets with great risk to reward ratio.
  • Learn in advance when the markets are risk-off or risk-on and control your market exposure or your business investment.


Years of experience

15 years plus of compounded experiences in the industry of information technologies.


Projects in total

60 projects plus compounded experience in implementing complex – large scale projects.

Possible collaboration?

Get in touch and let’s examine your needs and requirements. All steps to discuss a potential collaboration is free of charge!


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